KTM on the fast lane

It’s worth taking a trip to Mattighofen in Austria. Amazing how fast the Company grew over the past years. In 2012 they had the most succsessful year in the company’s history. Their products are getting better and the quality is almost on a BMW level. It seems like some of the Red Bull Magic haloed over from Fuschel am See (Red Bull HQ).


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  1. Andreas says:

    I just received the information that the 2014 KTM 1190 Adventure will have improved sozius handle bars. In parallel the Power Parts team is working on an improved set of handle bars which can be order from the power parts website soon (The current handle bars do not allow a very comfortable ride for the sozius they poke into the upper thighs).

    In some of the pre-series 1190 Adeventures the steering-head-bearing was fastened too tight. KTM already improved the tension on them to stablize the straight line drive. Is it worth to wait for the 2014 model?

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