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ITB Berlin March 6-10, 2013

Tourism experts have it set in their agendas ONCE the date is launched.


Welcome to the World’s Leading Travel Trade Show

The whole variety of travelling is present at ITB Berlin: Destinations, tour operators, booking systems, carriers, hotels and all other suppliers who want to embellish their customers’ most beautiful weeks of the year. ITB Berlin brightens your business.

The perfect holiday starts here

ITB Berlin is THE B2B-Platform for trade visitors – an excellent opportunity to meet business partners and to do business. For all other visitors ITB Berlin is a wonderful possibility to discover the whole world within a few hours.

More information can be found at:

Oktoberfest – Frankfurt am Main 20.09-13.10.2012

YES, WE admit, we are already thinking about the upcoming Oktoberfest time.

This year, again attending the events in Frankfurt. No need for everyone to go to Munich.

More than 30000 people have attended the Frankfurter Oktoberfest last year and more to come in 2012.

Get your tickets already at the Commerzbank Arena at

See you there and enjoy a good Mass of beer, sausages and prezels. PROST.

Yours, Donna Gusta

The Medoc marathon

Do you love sports and culinary highlights? You think its contradictory?

Come and join the Marathon du Medoc in France, September 8th, 2012

2012 theme :

“The Medoc marathon through the History”

Roman army, Pharaohs, samurais, Kings, revolutionaries etc… are thus expected on the departure of 28th  edition.

Good luck for the preparation of your fancy dresses!

The marathon combines the sporty running, fancy custums / dresses and good wine with gastrononomic highlights.

Registration for September is already closed online, but you can still send an E-mail to be at the waiting list.

Check out the web page and spend an incredible weekend in France.


The Narrators’ Line

Anise Gallery brings together the work of Alex Schramm and Kyle Henderson, two artists inspired by their architectural training to produce exquisite linework relating to theories of biology, industrialisation and ethnography.

Kyle’s improvised compositions meander across the canvas on a creative journey whilst Alex’s biomimetic forms translate otherworldly visions into rigid working drawings, both maintain the precise attention to illustrative detail one would expect from the hand of an architectural illustrator.

Despite working with abstracted realities, they still operate in an architectural manner; developing briefs, resolving details and reworking the creative idea until it is a cohesive project, from the smallest canvas to the large installations the process is the same.

In The Narrators’ Line both these artists reinterpret scale so that it exists as an ambiguous vehicle to transport the viewer between the molecular and the metropolitan. Architecture without scale puts you in the shoes of Alice in a wonderland of architectural imagination.

28 July – 26 August

Pour moi: Le meilleur Patissier au monde / the best pastry chef in the world

… Do you like the smell of chocolate, cinnamon, nuts, honey, fruit, vanilla, coconut and more.

I have had the chance to meet a pastry chef that has changed my “sweet” life.

He made me taste new recipes, daring mixes of unusual tastes and consistencies.

SINCE then, I have never tasted any dessert in my life as good as his.

Lucky us, that he has his own blog and shares some of his highlights with us:

Merci Philippe!

Ps. Images copyright to Philippe Blondiaux

Die Diktatur des Geschmacks

Have you ever heard about “the dictatorship of taste?

It is a platform that dedicates itself to the original taste, pure products, long forgotten highlights of extraordinary goods and traditions, showcasing them at several events for gourmets.

Find out more about its unique creators, Josef and Jan-Philipp.

One of the trendy places in Frankfurt- 25hours Hotel by Levi´s

…some think, that Frankfurt am Main is a German city that only consists of an International airport, train station, banks and a fair ground, but the city has much more to offer.
Trendy places, hip locations and unique events.

One of them is the 25 hours Hotel by Levi´s where you can enjoy a delicious breakfast, chill out with a drink or have a great dinner with your friends and peers and of course, stay overnight. It´s uniqueness is made for everyone who does not want to stay in “standardized and franchised” hotels or restaurants.

Three 25 hours are already in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Vienna are in place as well and Zurich will come up in 2012.

How exciting. Follow its story and find out more on the following link:

Ps. Copyright image 25 hours Hotel by Levi´s Frankfurt

INTERMOT. October 3rd – 7th in Cologne

This year´s INTERMOT will be exciting. Some of the big shots of the international motorcycle scene have already confirmed their attendance. All I can say is if you watched the film “Closer to the edge” Isle of Man TT, you might know what I am talking about.

NFC Opportunities for Advertising

First of all, do you really know what NFC is and actually what is the difference to Bluetooth? Here we go:

  • NFC always needs an initiator and a target.
  • The initiator generates the electromagnetic field which powers the target.
  • NFC devices consume less power than Bluetooth
  • Some NFC devices don´t consume power at all, e.g. tags, stickers and cards.
  • Connections between two NFC devices are much faster than Bluetooth.


  • The difference between Bluetooth and NFC is the range.
  • You can send a photo with your phone to another Bluetooth device at a distance of around 5 meters (Up to 100m with a Class 1 device).
  • NFC meanwhile is limited to two tenths of a meter or approximately 8 inches.
  • The idea behind NFC in phones is that you can simply tap the devices together and the files will be transferred instantly.

Watch out on the Security

  •  Technology is still vulnerable to attacks.
  •  Anyone with a special antenna could eavesdrop while two devices are communicating.
  • The Proxmark instrument is an open source device that can be used for eavesdropping on NFC connections.
  • Data sent through NFC can also be destroyed using an RFID jammer, a security attack which has no solution until now.

 Advantages of Bluetooth´s Security

  • Bluetooth is older, its security is much more improved than NFC.
  • Data sent over Bluetooth are heavily encrypted and only the best hackers in the world could possibly eavesdrop during communication.
  • People who are in-charged of developing standards for Bluetooth have been active in improving its security.

What are the Uses?

  • Besides sharing files, NFC is found useful in other areas.
  • NFC phones can now be used to pay bills in stores and restaurants similar to credit cards.
  • Your NFC device contains data unique to you which is why it can act like an electronic ticket or virtual wallet.
  • Germany and Austria have tried to use NFC for ticketing in their public transports.
  • You can also now use Google Wallet to pay for bills in any establishment that accept MasterCard PayPass transactions.

 Please note:

  • Although both technologies are used for sharing files, they are actually different and have their own uses.
  • The low power consumption of NFC makes it suitable for used in simple objects like tags and keys.
  • Its speed in establishing connection is perfect for making transactions as replacement for traditional credit cards. The amount of information it can send wirelessly, however, is the reason why it can’t replace Bluetooth in wireless applications.
  • NFC can send out 424,000 bits per second compared to 2,000,000 bits for Bluetooth. This means it is still takes less time to transfer files through Bluetooth than NFC.
  • There is also still a lot of room left for security improvements on NFC. Tapping two phones to share files is cool though.

How could this technology be used in Advertising?

  • City Lights Poster, Billboards and all other OOH Media.
  • In the cover of a magazine.
  • Hotel: In an elevator to get the latest menu from the Restaurant.

What other ideas come up to your mind?

NFC Logo

The Sky opens up

These days the weather is strange. It seems like something is out of balance. What must happen until we wake up?