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Really new thinking? And new possibilties?



At this year´s BOOT in Düsseldorf the booth from SEABOB was outstanding. Great booth Design matching the amazing product Design of this high tech toy. Thumbs up!

The SEABOB F5S goes up to 20km/h over water and 15km/h under water. One battery charge lasts for 60 minutes of true water fun.







SEABOB, Product line-up

Great Pasta Dinner in Gallery OPEN

One of the highlights in January 2013 was the famous pasta & vino dinner in the gallery OPEN in Frankfurt. A unique setting of artwork from Katja Holtz and home made spaghetti. The atmosphere with the amazing paintings have the potential for an own gastronomic concept.

Katja Holtz urban playground

Pasta Dinner at OPENdeath or glory

skater boy


The Narrators’ Line

Anise Gallery brings together the work of Alex Schramm and Kyle Henderson, two artists inspired by their architectural training to produce exquisite linework relating to theories of biology, industrialisation and ethnography.

Kyle’s improvised compositions meander across the canvas on a creative journey whilst Alex’s biomimetic forms translate otherworldly visions into rigid working drawings, both maintain the precise attention to illustrative detail one would expect from the hand of an architectural illustrator.

Despite working with abstracted realities, they still operate in an architectural manner; developing briefs, resolving details and reworking the creative idea until it is a cohesive project, from the smallest canvas to the large installations the process is the same.

In The Narrators’ Line both these artists reinterpret scale so that it exists as an ambiguous vehicle to transport the viewer between the molecular and the metropolitan. Architecture without scale puts you in the shoes of Alice in a wonderland of architectural imagination.

28 July – 26 August

The Squaire


The new office furniture for the Squaire offices at Rhein Main Airport.

2012 london olympics pictograms

The new olympics pictograms are out: I have to say that Otl Aicher’s ( pictograms were much more reduced and simplyfied. For me, this is a step back from ideal pictograms that can be read by all nations.

How to influence people by choosing a specific color.

Did you know that in the 7o´s McDonald’s used orange as an interior color to stimulate the appetite of their guests?



This way to the not quite like this, of course much more subliminal.