How 3d printer could save the world

3d meat printer

3d printer will become more and more popular in the future. Imagine the following scenario. In the future you will find a 3d printer in every household, almost like a microwave or a fridge.

The new household gadget will be more than only a tech gadget, it will produce on site the “meat” on our plates. It won’t be called 3d printer anymore, it will have a fancy name like “MyEarthFood, MEF”. Because what you can actually do with 3d printer can be used to create tissue texture patterns made out of protein (Extruders are used in food factories since years, surimi…..).

The new  “home factory” will be charged with cartridges filled with natural plant protein, a cartridge for delicious oils and one for spices. With the new “home farm” you will be able to simulate different textures as chicken, and also fish. The box will have a cooling element. So you can take the home produced meat out of the box and through it on your BBQ.

Another feature will be the integrated heating and microwave unit (the all-in-one solution). Within a few minutes you will see how the meat is build and minutes later the finished cooked meat is ready, all with the same unit.

This box could be the break through in regards to our growing population and the ever increasing demand for animal meat.

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