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French markets

In France, at the Ile d’Olerons you will find some of the nicest little markets. “Off the boat” fresh fish and seafood, fruits and vegetables, cheese and so on is offered in a superb quality.

To give you a snap-shot, have a look at these pictures:


IMG_9884 Legumes

Hiking and culinary tastings at wooden Chalets – Welcome to Austria

If you love nature, romantism and local culinary products, you should visit Austria, especially the region around famous Salzburg and its surrounding. Surround You can choose different routes to hike, depending on your health and fitness level as well as hiking companion. Various stops can be done at the “Chalets – Hütten” where you can enjoy local Austrian cooking and delicacies. Get a first taste at

What an experience!

Oktoberfest – Frankfurt am Main 20.09-13.10.2012

YES, WE admit, we are already thinking about the upcoming Oktoberfest time.

This year, again attending the events in Frankfurt. No need for everyone to go to Munich.

More than 30000 people have attended the Frankfurter Oktoberfest last year and more to come in 2012.

Get your tickets already at the Commerzbank Arena at

See you there and enjoy a good Mass of beer, sausages and prezels. PROST.

Yours, Donna Gusta

Pour moi: Le meilleur Patissier au monde / the best pastry chef in the world

… Do you like the smell of chocolate, cinnamon, nuts, honey, fruit, vanilla, coconut and more.

I have had the chance to meet a pastry chef that has changed my “sweet” life.

He made me taste new recipes, daring mixes of unusual tastes and consistencies.

SINCE then, I have never tasted any dessert in my life as good as his.

Lucky us, that he has his own blog and shares some of his highlights with us:

Merci Philippe!

Ps. Images copyright to Philippe Blondiaux

Die Diktatur des Geschmacks

Have you ever heard about “the dictatorship of taste?

It is a platform that dedicates itself to the original taste, pure products, long forgotten highlights of extraordinary goods and traditions, showcasing them at several events for gourmets.

Find out more about its unique creators, Josef and Jan-Philipp.